• How to make a child generous ? 

The act of generosity feels good because we know we are lifting someone else’s spirits. We as teachers and parents can encourage our students to express their generosity and help others.

  • Classroom Environment 

A social challenge and responsibility of school-we’ve created a classroom environment that has a sense of community: A place where students feel safe and cared for. This is a place where students are free to express their opinions and not feel judged, and where they can take chances and fail.

  • Story Tellling 

Can story telling be a better way to teach generosity-Research says that hearing someone, or even watching someone else talk about an act of kindness, can actually inspire altruistic behavior in others. 

  • Role Play

Create Conditions for Students to Act Kind and making them feel better by setting up right examples. Generosity , a must have virtue for social wellness and overall development of students .