child in a self drafted circles by chalk.
creativity in child

Childhood is not bound by rules , regulation and social norms . A child is creative , there questions are unique and sometime make teachers and parent to think “ how did he ask such a reasonable question?” “ “who taught him this” or “ what to answer for such a question”. To keep a child creative ,open to learn and being innovative require certain input and efforts from us – Here is a list which will help your child to be creative , innovative and successful.

  1. Let the questions come  :Children ask many question and keep on asking till they get answer which satisfy their quest , Being a parent you have to be open minded and let the flow be continuous . To make sure that your child ask question and get right answer start – scheduling activities with child over weekdays or weekends . Ask question which you child might have asked you few days back and you have answered etc. You must avoid being distracted while being with your Kid.
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  2. Not everything is black and white :When children ask questions or give  answers , it is not necessary to tag it as right or wrong ( sometimes even kids have different perspective which make us rethink) . The same is to be taught the child so that when he/she talks to someone, get answer or get opinion , he/she must understand and don’t become judgmental . Make your child more generous and this virtue will flourish for sure .
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  3. No Hesitation :“Should i I ask this question”, “ what my parent will feel if I draw something which does not look good” ….. and many more question raises in the mind of a child and they start feeling hesitated and it kills their creativity and innovative thoughts . Research says  when children have a feeling of “I think my parents/teacher listen to what I have to say”, their self-esteem improves and they stop hesitating while share their thoughts , stories and views.
  4. Let them remain Childish and Curious :It has been proved that being curious also leads to improved memory. A healthy environment which Motivate curious children to share their experiences also improves communication, which is an integral part of being innovative.

We at Manipal International School , strongly recommend to create a fearless, empathies and positive environment at home as we provide while kid is with us in school .

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