Sumasagot! What To Do When Your Child Talks Back

  • Keep Calm and refrain from harsh tone .

You must avoid the “shout back”. It is difficult to keep calm and composed , but reply in the same tone will not make it better than present situation. Instead, teaching the child that lashing out is fine.

Behave in the manner that you want  the child to follow. Connect you child and help him/her to deal with hipper emotions. 

  • Empathy – Show that you understand why he/she upset.

Confront the behavior and let you kid understand that you can see he/she is disappointed or angry . Make sure that child understand love and kindness. You can ask question in calm manner about why he/she is upset or angry

Showing the affection and care of feeling for child make your chid understand that his/her behavior was not appropriate while addressing this make sure that you don’t approve his/her behavior .

  • Be assertive and expect respect. 

According to experts, children need a safe environment where they’re free to speak out so they can learn to disagree and say no in the future, including the risky behavior. But, of course, at home and elsewhere, this should come with rules. 

“While children should know that they are safe to express their opinions and that mom and dad are listening to what they think and feel, they must also know that speaking to you respectfully and calmly is not negotiable,” said Katherine Lee, former editor at Parenting and Working Mother magazines, in an article for VeryWell. Emphasize that you will not listen to what they have to say unless it’s said in a calm and respectful manner, she advised. 

  • Connect

Ultimately, as in many aspects of parenting, it’s easier to raise a respectful, well-mannered child when there’s a strong parent-child bond. 
Is your child angry about something in his situation or with you? Is a distance developing between the two of you?” 
Remember, quality bonding time is essential in building strong relationships. Make sure you and your little one are getting enough.

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